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Harvey Block Salt Cases
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We supply  Block Salt Packs/Cases,
suitable for
Crown Block Salt Softeners,
 Harvey's Block Salt Softeners,
Kinetico Block Salt Softeners,
TwinTec Block Salt Softeners,
and all other block salt water softeners.

HARVEY'S BLOCK SALT is the easiest salt handling system ever. The blocks of salt sit in 1 cm of water in the salt tank...dissolving slowly from the bottom. Once the salt drops to about a third of it's size, another block can be placed on top. As long as there is some salt in the machine, it just keeps on working. Clean, easy and safe. Manufactured in England , there are no additives in the salt - it's absolutely pure. Harveys Block Salt is the most convenient way to replenish a water softener. Each block is size of a house brick, the blocks weigh 4 kg - and come in packs of two. Even a child can carry them. Much easier than the hassle of the heavy 25 kg  bags of loose salt used with other softeners


Available in 10 to 138 pack quantities

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suitable for
Crown Salt Softeners,
Kinetico Salt Softeners,
TwinTec Salt Softeners,
and all other block water softeners.


Whilst we endeavour to always supply salt that has been manufactured in England
occasionally we may have to substitute with products from other countries
Please note Aquasol Block, Harvey Block and Kinetico Block are interchangeable products;
you may be supplied with any of these please, call if you require a specific brand.